Dwayne PARIS, web marketing expert, with a long experience in WordPress website development, has a big idea for you to make good profits. A WORDPRESS TRAVEL AFFILIATE SITE! Let’s see in details what is it exactly.

How it Makes Money and How you can get it setup for you…

This website is a travel search engine with up-to-date information. Over 250,000 Hotels, 600 Airlines, Over 1,000 Cruises and a variety of Car Rental companies on one website.

The huge information is fetched from two main affiliate accounts that work hard around the clock to provide up to the travel content that website visitors will find very useful. The affiliates do all the work for you and we include their content on the website….

When a visitor comes on the website, the affiliates account monitor the activities of the visitors who visited the website and pay accordingly…

We have built the world’s leading hotel price comparison search engine featuring over 250,000 hotel deals in 50,000 destinations across 200 Countries included in the database. Each of these pages will make you money through affiliate leads.

Why Buy This Travel Website?

  • Hot and Evergreen Niche …
  • Potential to make $200+ per week in pure, net profits or $800 per month, but bare in mind that this will take some time to make, you will start with a lower earnings and grow up to it…
  • High Demand…
  • Limitless growth potential …


You Can Earn $100 – $200 A Day Or More!

 For example attracting 100 visitors a day you can make up to $50 – $100 a day

 The pay-out earn on a per lead basis is between $0.50 to $4, which means that THE VISITORS DON’T HAVE TO BOOK A ROOM for you get the commission, thus the average visitor will generate up to $1 – $4 per visit from multiple clicks on different hotels.

Paypal Payments Proof


Some valuable aspects

No maintenance required! This website does not require any updates since all data is pulled from the suppliers.

  • No website expertise is necessary.
  • You do not need any technical expertise.
  • No selling required.
  • Stats and reporting are available on the affiliate websites.

In addition, with this package, you will also get:

  • Setup Video Tutorial.
  • Travel Website Script (Built with WordPress).
  • Built-in Amazon Store.
  • Free Marketing Ebooks.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
 For a limited time, and because you’re here, you can take advantage of a huge discount.
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