Still looking for how to make Icons? Good plans is back to you with Mary O’NEIL last tool. This experienced software designer introduces to us today a revolutionary graphic software, ICON GRAPHIC CREATOR. You will have the ability to make Premium Icons for all your sites, from scratch, in a few minutes, and… with no Photoshop!

How to communicate more effectively, with icons

If you are selling any kind of products or services online and not using icons to convey key concepts visually, you may be missing out.

In fact, using icons within website design can be an effective way to communicate with users.
When a visitor first arrives at your website, they will scan the page and quickly decide whether to continue reading. Icons can grab the attention of visitors and draw them to read more and engage with your content.
Here are some the reasons why you should use icons whenever you can:
Icon Graphic Creator
  • Icons can communicate an idea in seconds and can transcend language barriers. For example, everyone now recognises an envelope symbol as an email facility, or an ‘i’ symbol as a link to further information.
  • They can physically break up a page of text making it more interesting and appealing to read.
  • Icons can help to add a creative touch to your website and this in turn can show the personality of your brand.
  • Icons are at the heart of all PCs since the first personal computer were created.

 How to set up Icon Graphic Creator

As you’ll see now, Icon Graphic Creator software is quite easy to use.

  1. Install to your desktop (mac/pc) – Download, launch, install and create icons whenever you need them
  2. Play with the backgrounds styles – Select from different shapes or add borders, shadows and bevels
  3. Choose from 676 curated icons – Whether you need an icon for support or Snapchat, you’ll find what you need
  4. Personalize your icons – Set your colors, add a bevel or shadow and customize the size of the icon
  5. Download at the dimensions you need – 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 or 16×16
  6. And So Much More…


icon graphic

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