Our Internet Marketer, Raju Kumar Bhadra, is introducing to us his new blueprint to make money online. We have, with our teams at good-plans, reviewed this passive profit blueprint.

The Real Benefit To This System

Although the money is nice, the lifestyle that you can enjoy while working from home is the real benefit. I have been fortunate to do this full time since 2007.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about traveling across the country or even abroad on vacaPLR passive profittion, but your current job doesn’t let you do that. When you work online, you can work from just about ANYWHERE in the world … including all those places on your bucket list. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Or maybe you have other plans. Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your children, family members, and friends. Or perhaps you’d like to devote more time to a favorite hobby. Perhaps you’d even like to do more charitable work in your community.

Passive profit blueprint content

Video #1: Introduction + Mindset (26:49)

1. Positive Mental AttitudeA. The Benefits of Mindset in your business

2. Determining the “Whys?” in your business
3. Developing and determining needs
4. Educating your customer
5. How to create effective business relationships

Video #2: Membership Sites (54:01)

1. How Membership Sites help to create consistent income and predictable earnings.A. The add on benefits of Membership Sites

2. Explore the types of Membership Sites
3. The content that works best
4. Adding a service model to your Membership Site
5. Evaluate the latest in Membership Site software
6. How to market your membership Site and drive traffic to it

Video #3: Affiliate Marketing (18:07)

1. Understanding how to get started in Affiliate MarketingA. Jumping on the affiliate sales train

2. Tapping into a great niche
3. Finding sales platforms that provide products on your niche
4. Building landing pages
5. Methods for reaching out to your audience

Video #4: Information Products (21:58)

1. What are the types of information products:A. What are information products?

a. Audio Products
b. Video Products
c. Webinars
d. Coaching
e. Ebooks
2. How to start creating info products.

Video #5: Ecommerce (24:40)

1. Types of Ecommerce:A. Starting your own online store!

a. Drop Ship
b. Wholesale/Buying Inventory In Bulk
2. Ecommerce Platforms:
a. Shopify
b. WooCommerce
3. Payment Gateways

Video #6: List Building (20:18)

1. What you must do for your list for them to stayA. List building as the core of your business

2. Why you must list build if you want a long-term asset
3. The 3-step process to building a lasting list
4. Automate your business with Autoresponders
5. Putting together a basic email sequence


PLR passive income

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